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The Art of Road to Infamy Games

The popularity of board games continues to grow, with more and more creators branching out to create new and exciting games. And a big part of those games is their art. Through art game designers create a unique and curated experience that immerses players in their world. Join us as we discuss the importance of art in a board game with Road to Infamy Games! 

Jeffrey Chin and Andrew Nerger are the duo behind Road to Infamy Games, founded in 2014. Based in Logan Square, they are behind great board games such as their namesake gangster betting game Road To Infamy, dice and dungeon raiding Crypt, and their latest beautiful Kickstarter success Canvas. Illustrated by Luan Huynh, it offers players an opportunity to create their own masterpieces with its innovative design and unique art. 


Dec 07 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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2433 York St, Blue Island, IL 60406

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