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New Year, New You: Mindfulness and Meditation

When we gather together and we are living from our heart, we create a collective field of love. Join Gina Slager for this four-week guided meditation series where we will practice several different breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness as well as, you will learn to listen to your heart’s wisdom. Please bring a journal, as we will spend time personally reflecting and writing. We will also create positive manifestations with intention, as Gina adds the power of her drum and singing voice. No prior meditation or yoga experience is needed in order to join.

What we speak and focus on we create in our life. We will learn how to become more present and mindful in our lives and see how much your life can change. The mind sometimes uses the body to support, stress, tension, worry and fear. By tapping into the breath and the heart we can learn to transcend waves of the mind. The breath takes away the stressful feelings in the body so the mind can’t reinforce the stress. Our thoughts become much less potent when we slow them down. 

This event will be recorded. Recordings can be viewed on our YouTube channel and Facebook page after the event.


Jan 03 2022


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm



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