Cropped version of the cover for The Final Girl Support Group

The Final Girl Support Group

Who is this book for: horror movie buffs, people looking for a scary read (but not too scary!)

If you like horror movies, you’re familiar with the concept of the “final girl.” She’s the one alive at the end – she’s always the last one standing after she’s defeated the killer in an epic battle. But what happens to the final girl after the credits roll? The final girls in Grady Hendrix’s new novel have had to overcome a lot to exist in the real world. Some like Lynette prefer to live in solitude. Lynette rarely leaves the house unless it’s for group therapy with the other final girls. After surviving a massacre over twenty years ago, she’s ok with her life being spent indoors with her houseplant named Fine. But when a mysterious killer starts murdering the other women in the Final Girl Support Group, Lynette must leave the sanctity of her fortress and find out who is behind these killings. Because a final girl never stops fighting.

Hendrix writes a fast-paced horror novel that’s equal parts thrilling and frightening. Lynette and the final girls exist in a world that is not ours (thankfully, horror movie villains don’t exist) but still is a place where women are afraid of what’s lurking around the corner. Movie fans will recognize the origin stories of the other final girls as clever nods to movies like Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This book is the perfect one-sitting read for the Halloween season.