Meet Our Pollinator Garden

Have you seen our garden in front of the Library? We officially planted our pollinator garden in May 2021. Before that, that stretch of land was an asphalt parkway. Not only did the parkway contribute to drainage issues and was in poor condition, but it was also an eyesore! Through a grant from the Awesome Foundation, we converted the asphalt parkway into a green space.

Working with the Brookfield Zoo’s Communities and Nature project, our Friends of the Library organization, and other community partners, we created a beautiful and sustainable garden space in the heart of downtown Blue Island. The garden is meant to attract local Illinois pollinators, like the Monarch butterfly, to our area and create a safe, flourishing environment for our bug and bird friends. Residents were encouraged to start pollinator garden seeds at home (taken from our active Seed Library) and return their sprouts to be planted at the Library. Through seed donations from the Field Museum, a garden plan from the University of Illinois Extension Gardeners, donations of milkweed from Monarch Watch, the support and diligent work of the Friends, and finally the residents of Blue Island, we made a lovely habitat out of previously dead space.

We hope you come to visit our garden this summer and spot some pollinators!