The Sanatorium

Who is this book for: people looking for a good book for vacation, fans of The Shining, readers who want a twisty thriller

Sarah Pearse surges onto the scene with this creepy debut thriller. Le Sommet has a dark past – the building nestled in the Swiss Alps previously was a sanatorium for patients with tuberculosis. It recently was renovated into a luxury hotel, and now is the perfect getaway because of its remote setting and beautiful views. Isolation is precisely what Elin Warner wants too. When her estranged brother invites her and her boyfriend to Le Sommet to celebrate his engagement, even the awkwardness between them can’t keep Elin away. Despite the lux accommodations, Elin feels like something is off. She can’t ignore that something odd is happening at Le Sommet. And when her brother’s fiancé disappears amidst a raging blizzard, Elin drives herself to find what is hiding at this picture-perfect hotel.

The hotel makes the perfect setting for this atmospheric book that’s equal parts locked room mystery and taut Gothic thriller. Elin, a former police officer who left because of her PTSD, makes an excellent guide to solving the disappearances and murders at Le Sommet. The story will keep you guessing – is it a person up on the mountain killing the staff, or is it something darker? You’ll have to read it to find out!