Cropped version of the cover of Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron

Accidentally Engaged

Who is this book for: people who got into bread baking during the pandemic, readers of Alisha Rai and Jackie Lau, and lovers of reality cooking shows.

Reena’s life is slowly unraveling. She’s been laid off for the third time; she’s still single, and her new hot neighbor, Nadim, is the person her parents are encouraging her to marry. At least she has her baking. When the opportunity to enter an amateur cooking competition pops up, Reena figures she should follow her passion for cooking and give it a shot. There’s just one catch: the show requires contestants to work with a partner. After a video of her and Nadim cooking potato bhajias qualifies her for the competition, they decide to fake an engagement to solidify their standing. As they film more videos together, Reena finds herself liking Nadim and thinking of him as more than a phony fiancé. Heron, who previously wrote 2019’s The Chai Factor, explores Reena’s Tanzanian/Gujarat roots and how she balances her own life in Toronto and the expectations of her Ismaili Indian family with humor and compassion. Accidentally Engaged will leave readers craving all the delicious food Reena and Nadim make together. Luckily, Heron provides recipes at the end of the book. Delve into this contemporary romance today!

A version of this review originally appeared in Booklist.