Reserve a Computer


The library has over 30 public access computers available for use from 9 am - 8:45 pm Monday through Thursday, 9 am - 4:45 pm Friday and Saturday, and 1 pm -4:45 pm Sunday.

Computer Self-Sign-Up in Six or So Easy Steps!

Once your library card has been activated for public computer use by the circulation staff, you will be able to sign up yourself by using one of two Reservation Kiosks located on either floor of the library and following these simple directions:

CLICK: To Reserve a Computer.
SCAN: Your Barcode Number in User ID Box.
TYPE: The Last Four Numbers of Your Barcode in Password Box.
CLICK: Accept Reservation.
GO: To Your Assigned Computer.

At Your Assigned Computer

Type in your 4 digit password (last four numbers of your library card barcode);
Then click Yes to the Internet policy page in order to access the Internet.


Your session starts with One (1) Hour and will automatically be extended by 20 minute increments if there is no waiting list. Your session time maximum is eight (8) Hours per day.

You cannot save or download to the computers themselves, so save your documents to an external drive, send to your e-mail or print. Remember to remove your USB drive and Log Off when closing your session.

Please note: Charges and other restrictions may stop the use of your library card for computer use.

Our courteous staff is available to assist you.