A Little Help From Our Friends

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You may return your membership application and contribution to:

The Friends of the Blue Island Public Library
2433 York Street
Blue Island, IL 60406

The Friends of the Blue Island Public Library is a loyal group of volunteers with only one goal, supporting the Library’s efforts to serve Blue Island! The group is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to raising funds to help support the Library. These funds are used on special programming, projects, and events.

What do the Friends contribute?

  • Have you enjoyed sitting in the Library’s outdoor “Friendship” garden space on a pleasant afternoon? If, so thank the Friends. They designed and developed this space.
  • Have you spent any time in the Tech Annex using the hardware and software to pursue a career related need or a purely personal interest? If, so thank the Friends. They have financially supported many efforts to make the Annex a creative center.
  • Have you been welcomed to the Library on a special holiday, for a special event or during National Library Week by friendly folks and offered a snack or small premium. Those were the Friends!

The group has also worked to support the greater Blue Island community through the Library by supporting various community projects including:

  • Helping fund the efforts of three Eisenhower High School Students who traveled to the Gulf Coast to assist in Hurricane cleanup.
  • Helping fund the acquisition of reading materials for distribution to low income parents through the Cradle to Classroom Early Childhood Reading Initiative.
  • Underwriting the Library’s annual Christmas open house as part of the Blue Island Christmas Light Festival in early December.

The Friends are not an exclusive group and anyone can join. There are modest annual dues of $10/year, and all funds are used for projects like those noted above. We think you should consider joining, or supporting the Friends because the volunteer efforts and financial support of community members like you play a valuable role in enhancing the quality of the services and programs available through the Library.

You can join the Friends by completing a membership form available here [Ed. Note: include hyperlink to form] and sending it with your annual membership dues to the library.

If you are interested in becoming a more active member of the Friends, please attend our monthly planning meetings. The Friends meet in the library at 5:00 pm on the second Tuesday of most months. We hope to see you there.